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Product Description

Vertical Broadcasting Sparkle GrainThe SPARKLE GRAIN FINISH SYSTEM is an eye-catching, black or white sparkle, concrete finish for interior or exterior concrete surfaces. It is recommended where a decorative, hard, longwearing, non-slip surface is required.

Basic Uses

Specifically designed for light to heavy usage: sidewalks, at shopping centers, houses, garages, stores, steps, ramps, wineries, schools, and public buildings.


-- Can be used in a wide range of architectural colors.

-- Increased wear resistance over untreated concrete floors.

-- Non-rusting

-- Non-slip

Technical Data

Black SPARKLE GRAIN is an iridescent black sil-car abrasive grit, 9 to 10 on the Moh Scale and Number 2480 on the Knoop hardness scale (next to diamond hardness). Grit size either 16 or 36. Other grit sizes on request.

Architectural Specifications

Concrete surfaces where indicated shall be treated with the SPARKLE GRAIN FINISH SYSTEM. This system shall be installed in Shake Coat applications to newly placed and screeded concrete surfaces. Color as selected by the architect. Apply the following manufacturer directions.

A sample section of concrete shall be placed prior to the installation for architectural approval of both color and texture.


Slab shall have a maximum slump of 3” placed in temperatures below 75 degrees F. Slump should not exceed 4” when warm weather of over 75 degrees F or drying winds are anticipated. Minimum strength of heavy service slab concrete should be 3,500 psi or as ACI Design Standards indicate. Immediately after substrate surface has been leveled and wood floated, before bleed water has appeared, SPARKLE GRAIN shall be applied evenly while there is sufficient moisture in the slab to saturate at least two dust-on coats.

** Troweling must be started early enough to complete all operations without use of additional water on the surface.

Distribute the product uniformly (at the rate of 20 to 25 lbs. per 100 sq. ft.), either by hand, or mechanical spreader over prepared wet slab. Apply in two separate shake coats (at times, a third coat may be necessary). Use 1/2 of the required quantity for the first application. Apply second application lightly after first application is floated. Do not throw the SPARKLE GRAIN or broadcast with a shovel as this will promote clumping. Use an evenly distributed broadcast. This is essential for product performance.

Trowel SPARKLE GRAIN uniformly into surface after each shake coat.

After the second shake coat of SPARKLE GRAIN has been applied, trowel over the surface. The surface must be uniformly covered. Use a steel trowel to leave grains at surface covered with a thin film of cement paste. Follow with a light trowel to produce a smooth surface free from defects or blemishes. Finish troweling should be delayed until surface has set sufficiently to avoid burying the SPARKLE GRAIN, but must be accomplished before the surface has hardened.

Exposing Sparkle Grain

-- A light 5% to 10% Muratic acid washing will expose Sparkle Grain. Care should be taken when acid washing.

-- Light sandblasting will expose the SPARKLE GRAIN after the concrete has cured.

-- Water and a soft broom, or sponge, may be used. Allow concrete surface to set sufficiently so that light scrubbing will not cause pitting.

-- Weather and wear should eventually expose the SPARKLE GRAIN.


A job test sample should be performed to determine desired finish and best method to expose the SPARKLE GRAIN for architectural approval. These mock ups are also essential for finishers not familiar with applying SPARKLE GRAIN.

**NOTE** To ensure proper application and texture, a 2’x2’ sample should be constructed at the job site. This sample will be used to test for acid washing or sandblasting prior to working on the main body of the project. This sample should also be used to test sealers, if used, prior to application on the main work.


Packaged in 50lb. moisture proof pails.


Recommendations for use for this product are based on tests we believe to be reliable. Manufacturer and seller are not responsible for results where the product is used under conditions beyond our control. Under no circumstances will Pacific Palette Concrete Products be liable for damages to anyone in excess of the purchase price of the product.

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