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Lumi Lumi Luminescent Concrete is an array of revolutionary handcrafted products that are used in gardens as ornamental art, on pathways as guides, and on steps for safety. Also pool decks, patios, concrete countertops; basically, any concrete surface imaginable are absolutely stunning at night!

The Lumi Lumi product is solar and does not require batteries. Ten minutes of sunlight, direct or indirect, will provide up to 10 hours of glow. Once you have entered into the Realm of the Lumi, we think you will agree that we have tapped into artful applications that are unique blends of form and function.

Lumi Lumi products are pieces of art that are made from combinations of Luminescent Aggregate and Green Cement. Throughout our site you will see multiple settings where we have achieved safety features and different artistic effects.

Lumi Lumi is developed by Tom Ralston Concrete, a third-generation concrete contractor in Santa Cruz, CA.

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