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Tom Ralston is a third generation concrete contractor who has not only made his living from concrete but also has made a distinct name for his designs and expertise. Tom is an acclaimed concrete designer, author and licensed contractor whose award-winning work has been featured in many different magazines and publications as well as on the covers of 7-different magazines.

Various architects, designers, contractors and property owners have sought Tom’s expertise for Bay Area, National and International projects.

Tom graduated with honors from the University of Santa Cruz California and his experience at the University helped establish his methodology for both organization and design. His peers nominated him and he was inducted into the Decorative Concrete Hall of Fame in Nashville, TN in 2012.

Tom’s eye for aesthetic flair and detail have made him one of the premier hardscape designers; and he always seems to create unique and eye catching features on his projects.

The Tom Ralston Concrete Company is second to none when it comes to producing great results.

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