Sparkle Grain is an eye-catching, black or white sparkle, concrete finish for interior or exterior concrete surfaces.

Specifically designed for light to heavy usage on sidewalks, steps, ramps; in shopping centers, houses, garages, and stores; and in wineries, schools and public buildings.

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Saw Cut Joint Tool

The Saw-Cut Joint Tool is a set comprised of a 30-inch two-handled chisel and a 6-inch jointer tool. The chisel goes into the concrete first and is slid back and forth by a worker who keeps the side of the tool aligned against a screed and the groove flush with a string line. The chisel cuts 1 1/4 inch into a slab.

The jointer tool follows with its 3/8-inch blade, cleaning up the cut and resmoothing the surface of the concrete.

When used together, the two tools leave behind a line that is "perfectly clean."

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