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hang tag front webOnce upon a time on small Hawaiian Island, there was a sister and brother named Pualani and Titus who loved to play hide and seek in the tropical jungles near their home. Pualani, the older sister would chase after her younger brother Titus until the sun went down and they had to be home for dinner.

On this particular day, Titus ran away farther than he ever had and caught his foot in a vine that sent him tumbling down a steep hill. The last thing he remembered was hitting a large odd shaped stone at the bottom of the tumble. When Titus awoke it was dark; and he found himself surrounded by beautiful stones that were glowing brightly.

Off in the distance he heard his sister Pualani calling his name, "Titus, Titus." Titus had hurt his leg and could not walk but yelled out to his sister, "I am down here! My leg is hurt...just look for the light!" Pualani looked through the banana leaves and the vines to see glowing lights which led her to find Titus.

Pualani and Titus decided to call the stones Lumi Lumi and brought back big handfuls for their mom and dad to see. Although mom and dad had been very worried, they were overjoyed to see their children home safe and were fascinated by the Lumi Lumi stones. Father said they could use the stones that looked like the stars, for guiding lights, for safety on trails and steps, or simply for garden decoration.

Pualani, Titus and their mother and father lived happily ever after making Lumi Lumi for all the people in their small Hawaiian Village.

Lumi Lumi: Speaks to the Sun...Sings to the Moon.

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